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MAKER - Expert in Strip Galvanizing!

- Air knife system - Coating control solution for galvanizing, galvalume and flux line.
- Galvanizing equipment - OEM/ODM/Outsourcing galvanizing equipment & spare.
- Heat treatment casting -Roller, tray, basket, frame & accesories for heat treatment

Focus on the fabrication of galvanizing equipment&spares and heat treament castings 20 years. We have matched companies with the market opportunities providing solutions that increase ROI, save time and cost...

Professional Design

Perfect Fabrication

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Design company, design institute, galvanizing plant, heat treatment plant, steel plant. . .


We bring you an awesomeness of design, creative skills, thoughts, and ideas

Air Knife System

Coating control solution(Air knife, blower, edge baffle, auto scraper) for GL,GI and Flux line.

Galvanizing equipment

Subcontractor - OEM/ODM of ECL section, Pot section & Annealing furnace section of galvanizing.

Galvanizing spares

Sink roll, arm, bush, snout, radiant tube, boot roll, hearth roll, bridle roll and etc.

Heat treatment casting

Casting product for heat treatment, petrochemical industry, glass industry, cement industry and etc.

Galvanizing Solution

All kind of solution for galvanizing technical and operational problem.

Heavy Industry Outsourcing

Heavy industry outsourcing, maximum workpiece weight 1000 tons.